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  • The S-589A/TRC-173A is the shelter of the AN/TRC-173A Radio Terminal Set. It is a modified S-479/G shelter:

S-589A.TRC-173A 01.jpg S-589A.TRC-173A 02.jpg S-589A.TRC-173A 03.jpg S-589A.TRC-173A 04.jpg S-589A.TRC-173A 05.jpg S-589A.TRC-173A 06.jpg S-589A.TRC-173A 07.jpg S-589A.TRC-173A 08.jpg S-589A.TRC-173A 09.jpg S-589A.TRC-173A 10.jpg S-589A.TRC-173A 11.jpg

Reference Files

  • TM 11-5820-1090 Series