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  • The S-712/TYQ-30 is the shelter of the AN/TYQ-30(V)2 and one of the shelters of the AN/TYQ-30(V)1 together with the S-713. It is the ADP (Acquisition Data Processor) of the Communication System, Control Element, Central Processor AN/TYQ-30(V)1.

S-712.TYQ-30 01.jpg S-712.TYQ-30 02.jpg S-712.TYQ-30 03.jpg S-712.TYQ-30 04.jpg S-712.TYQ-30 05.jpg S-712.TYQ-30 06.jpg S-712.TYQ-30 07.jpg S-712.TYQ-30 08.jpg

Reference Files

Adobe PDF icon.png TM 11-5895-1392-34-2 1995 (LOGSA)